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Nebraska Truck Center, Inc. is officially launching their new company logo today.

The updated logo brings a fresh and modern appearance to the company’s brand identity while carrying over visual elements from past company logos such as the red and black color scheme and incorporating a truck into the design.

“Our new visual identity upholds our strong past, yet better communicates what Nebraska Truck Center stands for today and where we are headed in the future.” said company President, Kent Brown. “Our past logos were designed by our founders, so we wanted to keep strong visual elements that reflect our heritage in this new logo. We feel the new logo will emphasize our past, our forward-thinking mindset and our objective to excel at serving our customers in today’s changing world. This is reflected by our use of [...]

saltzmanbrosbrownsGary Saltzman wrote up the history between Nebraska Truck Center and Saltzman Bros. when Nebraska Truck Center purchased back the 1970 Freightliner Cabover on April 26, 2016 that was originally sold to Saltzman Bros. in 1970. The significance of this truck is that it’s the second truck sold off the Grand Island lot after Nebraska Truck Center opened for business. Below is the story Gary provided us. Nebraska Truck Center greatly appreciates the opportunity to have a loyal and dedicated working relationship and friendship with Saltzman’s Bros over the past 46 years.

It was in the year 1966 that Darreld Saltzman became acquainted with Lloyd Brown, Kent Coen, and Floyd Hough, through friend Ed Nellen, which led to Don & Roland Saltzman buying our first White Freightliner in Omaha at White Motor Co. in 1966.

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