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History of Saltzman Bros. & Nebraska Truck Center

saltzmanbrosbrownsGary Saltzman wrote up the history between Nebraska Truck Center and Saltzman Bros. when Nebraska Truck Center purchased back the 1970 Freightliner Cabover on April 26, 2016 that was originally sold to Saltzman Bros. in 1970. The significance of this truck is that it’s the second truck sold off the Grand Island lot after Nebraska Truck Center opened for business. Below is the story Gary provided us. Nebraska Truck Center greatly appreciates the opportunity to have a loyal and dedicated working relationship and friendship with Saltzman’s Bros over the past 46 years.

It was in the year 1966 that Darreld Saltzman became acquainted with Lloyd Brown, Kent Coen, and Floyd Hough, through friend Ed Nellen, which led to Don & Roland Saltzman buying our first White Freightliner in Omaha at White Motor Co. in 1966.

In 1970, the first Freightliner out of a new Grand Island, NE dealership, Nebraska Truck Center, which Brown, Coen and Hough established, was purchased and delivered to us. Later in the year, we ordered one more 1970 Freightliner kit, which is now the truck are selling back to Freightliner in Grand Island on April 26, 2016, making that truck now 46 years old.

It was brother-in-law Larry Eichelberger and Darreld Saltzman that put the kit together at the Eichelberger shop at Shickley, NE and to this day with the original odometer at 950,800+ miles, is delivered to Nebraska Truck Center in Grand Island on it’s own power, with everything in working condition. In 1976 the frame was lengthened with a Wilson grain bed & hoist from Wilson Trailer Co, Sioux City, IA. and has been used since in Saltzman Bros livestock and farming operation. Throughout the 50 year time span many friends have been made with business personnel, with Freightliner sales and service. Since then, many new Freightliner trucks have been purchased from Nebraska Truck Center throughout the years, with the latest two purchased in 2002. Our fleet was downsized in 2003, and again in 2005, and now still operating only one truck for the past 11 years. This 2002 truck, driven by Gary, has one million ninety thousand miles.

What makes history interesting in delivering this truck back to the Grand Island dealership is that the 4 bros., now ages 72-83, are still dealing with some of the same sales people since 1966, which is a joy. Roland Saltzman retired in 1996 from the business. An interesting note for today is that two of the original people involved in this relationship beginning 50 years ago are Don Saltzman, delivering the truck, along with Gary Saltzman, and Lloyd Brown, receiving it at Nebraska Truck Center, Grand Island, NE. It means very much to us Saltzman Bros that Nebraska Truck Center takes pride in their products, that after 46 years, they still have a product to invest in.

We thank Freightliner sales people for being competitive in pricing and the service people for excellent service and availability of parts, with limited down time, which made our trucking business reliable and competitive also. It has been a pleasure working with all these people over the years and the long lasting friendships that were made.

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